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Best Pets? Try Those Lovely Cats

Jude Roberts

Are Cats Good Pets?
I love all animals, and especially cats and dogs. Although I was raised around dogs, my first cat came to me three years ago. While I still love dogs and want to one day own them, I have come to appreciate cats as pets.

Cat people and dog people may not always see eye-to-eye. But as someone who has both, I know that cats can be just the right pet to complement dogs. It all depends on how you live. Contrary to what many dog owners will tell you, cats are just like dogs in being loyal, playful, and entertaining. Also, cats are easier to care for than dogs.

Cats tend not to be dirty animals
Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves. You will not have to bathe your cat often. Cats tend to have better smells than dogs. Your cat won’t run outside and pick fights with skunks, unlike dogs. Because cats are excellent at keeping clean, when they’re petted, they often feel softer and cleaner than dogs or other animals.

Cats Are Quiet
Even the loudest and most insistent meows will be much quieter than most barks. Even when your cat is trying to get annoyed by you and make it seem like she wants extra treats, her meows can still be cute. It will not be a problem for neighbors to complain about your cat meowing excessively. It is hard to be annoyed at such adorable little sounds.

Cats Are Low-Maintenance
Kitties are much more independent than other pets, especially dogs. Cats do not need to be taken outside for exercise and toilet breaks. Cats are also less trained than dogs. Cats are also capable to clean themselves.

Cats still need love and attention like dogs, but they don’t require nearly as much interaction as dogs. A cat can curl up beside you while you are working, while a pet dog might want your full attention. Your cat can be left alone at home, so they won’t cause damage to your house.

Outside Cats are not required to be taken.
It doesn’t take a cat long to do their business outside. It is not easy to clean the litterbox. However, it is easier than having to take your cat outside in the rain or bad weather.

Cats are small enough to get exercise indoors. Make sure you have lots of places for them to climb. You don’t need to take your cat outside. They won’t get in the dirt after you’ve finished cleaning up.

It is super simple to potty train cats
Most kittens know how to use a litter box right away when you bring them home. Even cats that were born feral or stray will know to place their waste after using the toilet. Your best bet for potty training your furry friend is to simply show her where the litter box resides and to teach her how to dig in it with your own hand.

Cats can protect your home against pests
Mice or rats will usually be deterred by the mere existence of a cat. If a rodent does manage to get into your house, however, your cat’s natural predator instincts may kick in. Even though it can be disgusting to find the remains from your pet’s hunting victories it is still better than having vermin run wild in your home.

Cats are also great at hunting bugs. This will keep your home free of houseflies, moths, and other pests. Ladybugs will not be attracted by your cat.

Cats Cost Less Than Dogs
A kitten or cat’s adoption fee is typically less than that for dogs. Cat food, cat toys, as well as other supplies, are usually cheaper than what is required for dogs. Cats require fewer products than dogs because they are smaller than most dogs. Cats often require less vet care than dogs.

Cats love “toys” that cost nothing. My cats are fond of cardboard boxes, milk jug rings, silicone bracelets, and cardboard boxes.