Differentiating High and Low Quality Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets of poor quality might turn your renovation into a nightmare. When renovating your kitchen, knowing the difference between excellent kitchen cabinets and cheaper, less trustworthy choices is critical.

Distinguishing the difference of High and Low Quality Cabinets

Continue reading if you’re unsure what distinguishes high-quality kitchen cabinets. When it’s time to replace your cabinets, we’ve highlighted some of the qualities you should look for.

Particle Board vs. Plywood Construction

The first thing to check for is the material used to construct the cabinets. The majority of manufacturers use plywood or particleboard for their cabinets. Choose plywood construction above the other two options.

Plywood is sturdy and holds screws firmly in place. Wherever you need to attach hardware, particleboard tends to disintegrate. Particleboard also tends to retain moisture, leading to decay and damage over time.

Full-Height Back Panels

A weak back panel is one of the most common causes of cabinet collapse. Ensure the cabinets you purchase have at least a 3/8-inch plywood full-back panel. You won’t have to worry about the panel shattering if you drill into it for wiring. Thinner panels that must be hung on rails will be used in low-quality cabinets.

Hinges with a Soft-Close Mechanism

Check the hinges on the cabinets you’re considering. If they are poorly designed or flimsy, the doors will sag with time, and they will stop closing properly.

A soft-close hinge is the best type of hinge to have. This type of hinge causes your cabinets to close quietly, reducing the wear and tear caused by slamming doors.

Drawer Glides with a Soft-Close Mechanism

Drawer glides are just as important as hinges. The drawer’s glides influence how easily it opens and whether it can fully open or not. Your drawers may not open if your chosen manufacturer uses low-quality glides.

Steel ball bearings will be found in the highest-quality Kitchen Cupboards Scottsdale Arizona | Custom Cabinets USA glides. This will ensure a smooth opening and closing and a long lifespan. Each drawer should be able to support around 90 pounds of weight.

Construction with I-Beams

I-beams are a type of beam that is used to reinforce cabinets. They aid in the preservation of their shape throughout time, as well as during transit and building.

Cheaper options, such as triangular gussets stapled to the sides of the cabinets, may be used on lower-quality cabinets. These gussets do not strengthen the cabinet. Your cabinets are more likely to sag, flex, and alter their shape without the I-beam.

Customizable & Modifiable

Personalizing or changing your cabinets installed by companies like  Cabinet Solutions USA  is another hallmark of high-quality craftsmanship. When you have complete control over your cabinet selections, you can rest assured that they will complement your kitchen design.

Cabinets that can be fully customized are more expensive. They are, however, of greater quality and are custom-made to fit your kitchen’s decor.

Certification and a Lifetime Warranty

A guarantee does not always imply that the manufacturer will deliver high-quality kitchen cabinets. However, it does demonstrate that they are confident in the longevity of their product. Look for a company that offers lifetime guarantees on all of its cabinets.

After ten years of normal use, your cabinets should start to exhibit signs of wear. In 5-10 years, low-quality kitchen cabinets begin to exhibit wear, and their guarantee usually expires simultaneously. You can also visit for more information on cabinets.


Kitchen cabinets of higher quality are usually more expensive. However, they are an investment in your kitchen renovation. If you save money on low-quality alternatives, you’ll have to replace them more frequently, and you won’t be as happy with the look and feel of your kitchen. novation