Keep Your Produce Fresh When Shipping Using Reefer Transport


It is essential to keep your products fresh, whether vegetables or fruits, before arriving at their destination. You don’t want them arriving at their final destination in poor condition, which may result in lost sales and wasted product. Using expert transportation services, such as reefer transport, is the best option available to ensure your products stay as fresh as possible, from picking them up until they are delivered to the customer. 

What Is Reefer Transport?

Reefer means “to keep” in Latin. Reefer transport means keeping your products fresh during transportation. Reefer transport is the process of transporting your products inside a refrigerated truck with special insulation called reefers used to cool down or heat the atmosphere surrounding the product being transported. If you transport your products in an un-refrigerated vehicle, it increases the risk of spoilage and contamination.

Manufacturers and retailers need reliable reefer transport services because it helps ensure their products arrive in good condition to the supply chain to customers’ hands – whether locally or nationally.

Who Provides Reefer Transport Services?

Trucking services provide this service because they have the necessary vehicles, knowledge, and experience. They are also responsible for transporting hazardous materials or other large industrial equipment using flatbed transport.

Reefer transport companies help keep your products fresh throughout the route from pick-up to drop-off. If you have a business, it’s vital to use these for transporting your fresh products. Some examples of these products include:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • coffee beans
  • flowers and herbs

Learn more here about how flatbed transport works.

The Benefits Of Reefer Transport

1. Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Using reefer transport ensures your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition, so you don’t lose money due to spoilage. Also, transportation prices are usually low compared to other methods of transporting goods, especially when reefer units are included in the price.

2. Quick Delivery Times

Another benefit of using reefer transport is that it has fast delivery times. Once your order is received, the reefer transport company will pick up your products right away and drop them as soon as possible, generally within a few days or less, depending on demand.

3. Reefer Transport Units Ensure Safe Delivery

Professional transportation companies will always use reefer units because they are specially designed trucks that can maintain a controlled environment at a specific temperature range while transporting goods over long distances. The primary purpose of using reefer units is to prevent food from spoiling, so your product arrives fresh when it reaches its destination.

The quality of products transported in reefer units remains intact and unchanged throughout the entire transport process. Reefer units are temperature-controlled and come in various sizes – from 20′ to 53 ‘reefer containers.

4. Keep Warm Products Warm

Reefer trucks help provide a consistent temperature from pick-up to drop-off. They also have insulation designed to keep warm temperature products, such as meat, vegetables, and flowers, at the ideal temperature throughout transportation, so you don’t damage or lose any product during shipping.

5. Stops Damage From Temperature Fluctuations

Some people may think using a reefer truck is too expensive, but it’s actually cheaper in the long run if you consider how it helps eliminate these risks of spoilage and contamination. This is helpful if you have large produce rather than losing money on wasted products and potential losses in sales.

6. Provides Customs Clearance Documentation

All transport companies must follow certain rules in Canada to move their shipment across provincial or international borders. They should provide documents for each shipment they transport, including commercial invoices, consignment notes, certificates of origin, and customs declarations.

Reefer trucks are designed with specialized equipment to allow the drivers to maintain an ideal temperature while being transported between destinations. This helps ensure your products stay fresh until you arrive at your destination, where you can sell or distribute your products without any problems due to spoilage or contamination.

Choosing the Right Trucking Company

If you’re looking for a reefer transport company, be sure to hire one that is professional and experienced. If possible, ask for references. You may also ask your supplier how long they have been working with this company. Ensure they have an insurance policy so that if something happens on the road, you are protected from losses. 

Ask about what type of temperature controls each unit has and choose one that will work best for all of your needs and preferences. It’s also helpful to know if they provide any other types of transportation methods, in addition to reefer units. This is important because it shows that they are a full-service transportation company that can help you successfully transport all of your products with ease. Visit this website if you are also looking for hazardous materials transport services.