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Things That You Need to Become a Web Developer

Jude Roberts

Web development has been ranked as the 8th most rewarding job in tech. It’s well-paid, mentally stimulating, and, given rapid market growth, it’s a very safe career option. The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that web developers will grow by 8% in 2029, which is twice the US average.

Furthermore, most web developers love what their job entails; according to Skilled Up, 88% of web developers are happy with their careers.

This is a very attractive career choice. But how can you break into such a lucrative industry?

This is the place for you if you want a piece of this pie but don’t know where you should start. Let’s examine the who, what and how of programming careers.

Anyone can become a web designer.
Anybody can become a web developer. Web development does not require technical knowledge or a lengthy list of qualifications. A career in this field is possible for anyone passionate about it.

Are you still skeptical? Take a look at Sam, our Head for Web Development at CareerFoundry. He began his training as a musician and then switched to programming by enrolling in the Web Development program. Without any prior experience or knowledge, he plunged into the industry head-first and hasn’t looked back.

However, this doesn’t mean that web development can be a rewarding career. You will need to put in a lot of effort and take time to master the necessary skills. Your brain may also hurt from time to time. The point is that web development isn’t just for certain types of people. Nor is there an easy path into this field.

How do I determine if a career as a web developer is right for my needs?
There is no secret formula to becoming a successful web developer. As we have seen, anyone can learn how to code. You will be able to find your niche in web development if you are a good problem-solver and have a knack for building things. To determine if you’re right for web development, there are many questions that you can ask. But if puzzles, riddles, or logic tests interest you, programming will probably be a natural fit.

A sign of perseverance and patience is another indicator. Web developers spend most of their time fixing things that aren’t working. Sam, our Head Of Web Development, explained that programming is not without its challenges. Some people find this a motivating challenge. Others find it frustrating and a drain on their enjoyment of work. Web development may be the right career for you.

It is important that you realize that web development does not require you to sit behind a monitor and code. In-house roles will require you to communicate effectively. It’s also helpful to be able to think strategically and find solutions that both benefit the user and the company.

Do I need to have a certificate or formal qualification?
This is probably the greatest concern for those considering a career in web development. It can be difficult to imagine starting over, especially if your student days have passed.

It is not necessary to have any certification, degree, or qualification. If you can show your work and demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, you’re qualified to enter the web development world.

The internet is filled with free resources. It’s possible to get a headstart by studying the essentials. With so many things to learn, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and almost impossible to find where to begin. To really commit to a career as a web developer, you will need to plan your learning and use real-world projects to practice. Check out our guide on the best web-development certification programs if you feel you have the right qualifications to make it in this field.